Short Liner / Connection Liner

This category essentially uses CIPP technology to create either a short section of liner to repair a localized defect in a length of pipe or a junction liner that is designed to seal and reinforce pipe junctions (such as that between a pipe mainline and a lateral). For the repair of a mainline pipe joint or defect, a pull-in-place CIPP section is used to extend a short distance either side of the damage. To avoid future damage to the repair section, the treatment of the ends of the CIPP repair section is important as is the care taken in future pipe cleaning operations. For pipe connection repair, often, the lining of a lateral/mainline junction is combined with the lining of a portion of the lateral itself. Such connection liners are configured to match the geometry of specific lateral-mainline connections and can be installed remotely via the mainline. To avoid the later displacement of connection liners in service, either the lateral liner is made long enough to lock the connection in place or the liner can be formed with a full circular section of liner within the mainline. Hydrophilic seals can be incorporated with the liner to avoid the possibility for leakage in any annulus space behind the new liner.