This page is for the staff, the board and committee members.

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Internal websites for Afflaited Societies and Board of Directors

♦Event Entry Form (Trenchless Event Calendar)

Event form

Enter your events from here (needs a password- please refer to this page) or contact ISTT Admin.



♦Committee websites

1. International No-Dig Committee

 2. Membership Committee

 3. Support Fund Committee

 4. Technology and Education Committee

 5. Outreach and Marketing Committee

 6. Finance Committee

 7. Governance Committee

 8. Organizing Committee


♦Having issues seeing these websites?

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1) Add a new account from the icon located at the top-right corner of your browser.

2) Click "+Add" and choose "Sign in"

3) Login with your email and the password.

4) Google will ask you if you want to turn on sync - Click which ever you want.

5) Go back to the ISTT website Admin page with that profile shown on the broswer and click the above website!

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