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Anyone or any organization that is a member of a national or regional society affiliated with ISTT and who is included in the Affiliated Society's ISTT membership rolls is automatically a member of ISTT, and is entitled to all rights and privileges of ISTT membership. Any individual or organization that wishes to join ISTT and that does not reside in a region with an Affiliated Society may become an ISTT member by completing the membership form and paying annual dues to ISTT.

ISTT has two classes of memberships: Individual and Corporate. Individual membership dues are $49 annually. Corporate membership annual dues are $115.

ISTT members are entitled to access the services provided members on the ISTT website to include free downloads of technical papers and reports from the Technical Resource Centre TRC. ISTT members also receive quarterly mailings of Trenchless International (TI) - ISTT's official magazine, and receive TI's email reports: In addition, ISTT members are eligible for membership discounts at ISTT sponsored events when offered.

Corporate members may elect to name two individuals to their membership. These members receive all the privileges and benefits of ISTT membership described above.For adding a second person to the list, please contact after becoming the member of ISTT.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.

If you are not a member of an Affiliated Society and wish to join ISTT, please complete the form.

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