Who Can Log In?

Members of our Affiliated Societies can log in to our member page. People living in countries outside the scope of our Affiliated Societies must join ISTT directly from this page.

There are two membership types within ISTT and they have different access limits.

Log in to the member area (Paper downloads and Webinar videos)

  • Individual members: One ID (email address) and one password (membership number).
  • Corporate members: Multiple IDs (email addresses) and passwords (membership numbers).

Benefits of Corporate members

Paper downloads

Any employee of a corporate member can download papers without login. The user's email must contain the same domain name (@xxxx.com) as the registered member on our database.

How to download papers without login (Corporate members)

Please enter your email in the below screen "Enter your email to obtain a single download link." We will verify your email and send a download link if your email is registered on our database. Corporate members need to have the same domain name as the primary contact's email.

To see the webinar videos, you must login to our website.

If you cannot login to our member page but you are a member of our Affiliated Society, please contact your local secretary.