Membership Benefits

Who are the members of ISTT? 

 ISTT is an international organization that comprises other national organizations dedicated to promoting and using trenchless technologies. These organizations, called “Affiliated Societies” maintain their own membership rosters. Members of Affiliated Societies do not need to join ISTT separately. For further information about joining as an Affiliated Society, please contact Peter Smeallie, Executive Director at

What are the benefits of joining ISTT?

Membership benefits accrue to these Affiliated Societies and their members. ISTT benefits include:

Community: ISTT members benefit from extensive international collaboration and networking. Interaction occurs through the annual International No-Dig Conference and numerous conferences and meetings organized by Affiliated Societies/ISTT.

Technical Impact: ISTT advocates for advancing the science and engineering of trenchless technology. Regular ISTT Webinars, free to members, are educational forums for trenchless developments. Technical papers from 20+ years of International No-Dig conferences are presented and discussed both virtually and in-person. Members are entitled to free downloads of the collection of these international papers. ISTT committees stress technology development and further educational opportunities, and committee membership is open to all ISTT members. Current committees deal with grants and awards, technology and education, outreach and marketing, finance.

Education and Information: ISTT distributes technical and operational information on a regular basis to its members. In 2021, ISTT plans to inaugurate a new international magazine. This new product will be distributed to all ISTT members. Society news and information are regularly electronically distributed via newsletter and LinkedIn.

Membership benefits: ISTT members are entitled to free downloads  of technical papers and reports that were presented at International No-Digs and other relevant sessions. Educational webinar videos/PDFs are available too on the same member’s page. ISTT members are eligible for membership discounts at ISTT-sponsored events when offered.