Organization chart

Chair's Advisory Panel

The Chair’s Advisory Panel exists to assist and advise on the governance of ISTT. The panel comprises notable and influential individuals whose experience and standing in the industry assists ISTT in delivering its objectives. These individuals are nominated and elected by the International Council.

International Council as ISTT Trustees (IC)

The IC comprised representatives of each Affiliated Society. The IC representatives also serve as ISTT Trustees or “owners” of ISTT with responsibility to assure the organization’s mission fulfillment to UK government overseers.

ISTT Board of Directors (BOD)

The BOD is responsible for the operation and administration of the ISTT. Its members are elected by the IC.


The BOD establishes standing and ad hoc committees to assist its work. Committee members are appointed by the BOD and such committees report regularly to the BOD. To see the Committee members, click here.

The ISTT has an Executive Director and an Assistant Administrator who manage and implement the programs and activities of ISTT.