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Condition Assessment and Sewer Inspection (CASI) Methods– Guide Book Sewer inspections in Finland are mostly carried out using CCTV. Pipelines generally have a lifespan of 25 years; estimates are that four percent of total network length is inspected annually. Pipeline deterioration occurs over this lifespan with breakages, inflows and infiltration taking place. This manual presents viable condition assessment and sewer inspection methods that measurably improve asset management. The manual features best methods for renovation, rehabilitation, and management actions. Finland (FiSTT) 2019 ISTT-funded Grant program
1st Euro Conference Proceedings "Rehabilitation Design for Pressure and Gravity Pipes" 10 papers from European No-Dig 2021.
  1. Gravity Sewer Liner Design  
  2. Revision of the WRc SRM Sewer Renovation Design Method and a new approach to Quality Control of sewer renovation systems
  3. External Pressure Tests on Large Diameter Jacking Pipe System
  4. Real-time Monitoring of UV Emitters as Requirement for Controlled and Homogeneous Curing of Large Diameter Liner with Big Wall Thicknesses                   
  5. Pressure Pipe Rehabilitation
  6. Status quo of the CIPP Product Standards for Water and Gas Networks
  7. Key Design Considerations for PE 80 and PE 100 Pressure Pipe Liners  
  8. Design of Liners in Germany according to DWA-A 143-2
  9. Response of a Cured in Place Liner in Cast Iron Water Pipe to Joint Expansion due to Permanent Ground Deformation or Seismic Wave
  10. A Unique Example of Close Fit Lin ing Technology for the Renewal of Water Pipes along the Bridge "Ponte Punta Penna" in Taranto       
United Kingdom (UKSTT), Germany (GSTT), France (FSTT) and Italy (IATT) 2022 1st European No-Dig 2021 / ISTT funded Grant program