Previous Gold Winners

ISTT recognizes individuals who are judged to have made an outstanding and exceptional individual contribution to trenchless technology. This special award has been presented only seven times in the past. Below are the trenchless leaders who have received ISTT’s highest award. 



2019 - Samuel Ariaratnam

Sam AriaratnamDr. Samuel T. Ariaratnam has been involved in the trenchless industry since 1996. He has held numerous leadership positions including a six-year term on the NASTT Board of Directors from 2000 to 2006. He was elected to the ISTT Executive Subcommittee in 2005 and served as the Society’s Chairman from 2010 to 2013, during which time he was actively engaged in educational initiatives worldwide. Today, he continues to mentor future trenchless professionals as a Professor at Arizona State University. Dr. Ariaratnam is a member of the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE) and the U.S. National Academy of Construction (NAC).



2014 - Dr. Dec Downey

Dec DowneyDr. Dec Downey has been a member of ISTT since its founding in 1986. He held many positions of leadership within ISTT and in the trenchless industry. He served on the ISTT Executive Committee from 2000 to 2012 and as the Society’s Chairman from 2007 to 2010, during which time ISTT launched significant new world-wide education and training programs. He was key member of ISTT instructor team spreading the word on the use and benefits of trenchless applications worldwide.



2009 - Dr. Ray Sterling

Raymond SterlingDr. Ray Sterling served as Chair of ISTT where his innovative streak and great diplomacy resulted in a fundamental restructuring of the way ISTT conducts its business. He implemented a fundamental change and a significant expansion in membership participation in the Society’s decision making. Ray was the unofficial ambassador of ISTT visiting just most every member society when in office.



2010 - Dr. Ivo Vavra

Ivo VavraDr. Ivo Vavra dedicated his life to the education of new civil engineers especially in the field of trenchless technology. He was Deputy Head of the Construction Technology Department at the Czech Technical University where led a number internation student exchange programs. He was an active member of ISTT and CzSTT becoming Chair of CzSTT in 1994.



1996 - E W (Ted) Flaxman

Ted Flaxman EW (Ted) Flaxman was the founder of the ISTT; ISTT's first Chairman, and Chairman Emeritus. He organised the first international trenchless conference in London - "No-Dig 1985" and the subsequent effort the led to formation of ISTT as a society dedicated to the advance of trenchless for the public benefit. 



2012 - Dr. Satoru Tohyama

Dr. Satoru Tohyama led the Japanese Society delegations to each of the No-Digs from their inception in 1985. He pioneered the use of trenchless in Japan. He later became the first President of the ISTT in November 1998 until his retirement from active duties in September 2001.



1992 - Mathieu le Chatelier

Mathieu LECHATELLIERMathieu le Chatelier served the ISTT from its formation until 1991. His drive and enthusiasm played a major part in the formation of the French Society and the creation of the present structure of the ISTT.