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Stroitelna Mehaniztsia

Category: Project Rehabilitation

Country: Bulgaria

Large Diameter Pipe Rehabilitation using CIPPin Zhezkazgan


One of two parallel pipelines for discharge cooling water from the turbines of the electric generators were rehabbed using the cured in place pipeline (CIPP) method. The steel pipelines diameters range from 1220 mm to 2220 mm.The different pipe diameters are connected with short taper sections. The pipelines operate both as a gravity sewer (half full) and a pressure line depending on the operation of the turbines. The pipes are more than 60 years old and lie partially under plant surface structures. The owner could not replace the leaky pipe using conventional dig-out and replace techniques for the sections located along the building and side connections. Rehabilitation of the pipe using CIPP was the preferred solution but presented major challenges: (1) the design and production of the liners had to be relatively lightweight and yet capable of standing the buckling loads during gravity operations and 2 bar working pressure loads during pressure operations; (2) the logistical complexities of transporting supplies and equipment from Western European countries to Bulgaria through and to Central Asian countries for installation; (3) the site’s physical restrictions, safety hazards and harsh weather; and (4) the weight and size of the liner material to be installed. The first liner proved particularly challenging to install. The inversion had to be done so that the liner taper fit exactly in the taper of the host pipe and conformed to the two elbows in the middle and end of the inversion. In addition, there was not enough space to open an exit shaft, so the inversion had to stop just short of an existing hatch. The liner was hot-water cured taking 72 hours of almost continuous efforts. After this inversion was completed, another liner was installed from the other end of the pipeline until it overlapped with the end of the first liner, the joint was sealed manually with glass matt and resin. The second liner required 48 hours to cure because of the huge volume of water required and a total of 96 hour to install.

Winner Category Title of Entry
2019 ISTT No-Dig Winners (NEW)
McConnell Dowell Constructors Ltd. WATERCARE (Auckland, New Zealand, Council) , and McMillen Jacobs AssociatesNew ProjectArmy Bay Ocean Outfall (Army Bay, New Zealand)
SAERTEX multiCom GmbHNew TechnologyInnovative GRP-Liner for Potable Water
Zahra (Ellie) Kokankar Kouchesfehani and Amin Darabnoush Tehrani, Center for Underground Infrastructure Research and Education (CUIRE); Department of Civil Engineering; The University of Texas at Arlington; Dr. Mohammad Najafi (PI)Academic ResearchStructural Design Methodology for Spray-Applied Pipe Liners in Gravity Storm Water Conveyance Conduit
2018 ISTT No-Dig Winners
Black & Veatch Hong Kong Limited, Lang Fang Huayuan Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd and Airport Authority Hong KongProject - New InstallationRecord for 5.2km HDD Installation at Hong Kong International Airport
Hawle Water Technology Norge ASNew MachineHawle NoDig system - The first entirely trenchless solution for establishing water house connections
Marek SkoblejStudent AwardComparison of Methods of Microtunnelling and Auger Boring in Diameters up to 400 mm
2017 ISTT No-Dig Winners
Herrenknecht A.G. New MachineJet Pump for HDD and Long-Distance Pipe Jacking
Mears Group, IncProject - New InstallationUnderground Power Distribution from Nuclear Power Station
SADE/STS ConsultantsProject - RehabilitationHuge Challenging Rehab Project on the French Riviera
Tomás UrbánekStudent AwardMetro Station Realization
2016 ISTT No-Dig Winners
a.hak LeidingbouwProject - RehabilitationUnique Pipe-in-Pipe Project
Construtora PassarelliProject - New InstallationMicrotunneling between World Famous Rio Beaches
Iseki Ploy-Tech, Inc.New MachinePullback and Redeploy System for Slurry Type Micro-Tunneling Boring Machine (MTBM)
Prof. Wu Xiaoming China University of GeosciencesAcademic ResearchResearch on HDD Installations in Complex Formations
Yuanze Cheng, Arizona State UniversityStudentModeling HDD Fluid Pressures & Ground Displacement
2015 ISTT No-Dig Winners
Australian Drilling Industry Training CommitteeAcademic researchDICAT Trenchless HDD Edition
EKOL YAPI INSAAT LTD.Project - HDD Esenyurt Ambarli Loop Hatti - HDD Installation of Large Diameter Pipeline in Istanbul
IMS Robotics GmbH New machineTurbo MICRO Satellite System/Sewer to Lateral Robot
Stroitelna MehaniztsiaProject Rehabilitation Large Diameter Pipe Rehabilitation using CIPPin Zhezkazgan
2014 ISTT No-Dig Winners
Catsurveys Group PlcNew MachineMobile Ground Penetrating Radar (MGPR)
UKDN WaterflowRehabilitation ProjectProtective Structural Lining of Ham Sewer
Visser&SmitHanabbvProject - HDDPre-Bent Drilling - A New Application of HDD
Zhengzhou University and SAFEKEY Engineering Technology (Zhengzhou), Ltd.AcademyTrenchless technology for repairing roads and underground infrastructures
2013 ISTT No-Dig Winners
Alpha Civil EngineeringNew ProductRectangular Pipe Jacking Machine
Fujian Dongchen Geotechnical FoundationNew Installation Large Diameter & 3D Curved Pipe Jacking Technology
Interflow Pty Ltd for Sydney WaterRehabilitation ProjectRehabilitation of Lidcombe, Auburn and Granville (LAG) Sewer Mains
National Quemoy UniversityAcademic Research Systematic Image Quality Assessment for Sewer Inspection
2012 ISTT No-Dig Winners
Picote Oy LtdProduct AwardSmart Cutter
Trenchless Technologies ccProjectPort Elizabeth Goes Trenchless
Trenchless Technology CenterAcademic Research Retrospective Evaluation of CIPP Sewer Rehabilitation
Veronika OnderkovaStudent Modeling of Pipe Roofing Technology
Yasuda Engineering Co.,LtdProduct AwardMilling Mole
2011 ISTT No-Dig Winners
Hydrascan LimitedProductHydrascan Typhoon Pipe Cleaning System
PBGSA / Hobas Systems PolskaProject - InstallationCzajka Microtunnel Project
Stroitelna Mehanizatsia ADProject - RehabilitationRehabilitation of Water Main in Sofia, Bulgaria
University of Geosciences-WuhanAcademic Research & CoursesScience of Trenchless Engineering Undergraduate and Graduate Course at the China University of Geosc
University of Geosciences-WuhanStudentPrediction of Rotational Torque and Design of Reaming Program Using HDD in Rock Strata
2010 ISTT No-Dig Winners
Czech Technical University Prague, Faculty of Civil EngineeringStudent
Interflow Pty Ltd Sekisui Rib Loc Pty LtdProject
Whirlwind Ulitlities Ltd.Product
2009 ISTT No-Dig Winners
Aqualiner LimitedProduct - Renovation
City of Portland, Oregon Project
DCI Digital Control Inc.Product - Installation
2008 ISTT No-Dig Winners
Marine Current TurbinesProject
University of Technology in Kielce / Professor Andrzej KuliczkowskiAcademic Research or Training Aid
2007 ISTT No-Dig Winners
BROCHIER Ltd. PragueProject
Dr. Hideki Shimada (Kyushu University)Academic
Lucie Nenadalova (Czech Technical University)Student
Wessex WaterProduct
2006 ISTT No-Dig Winners
DJ & MB MacCormickProduct
Jiri Granilla (Czech Technical University)Student
Shanghai No2 Municipal Engineering Co LtdProject
2005 ISTT No-Dig Winners
John MathewsStudent
ShieldLiner Ltd.Product
Stein & Partner GmbHAcademic
Trenchless Technology Italia SrlProject
2004 ISTT No-Dig Winners
Community association of Cergy PontoiseProject 2
Group of Czech companies - Stavby silnic a zeleznic - Brochier Ltd, Prague - Geonika Ltd. Prague andProject 1
Thomas KubatStudent
2002 ISTT No-Dig Winners
Anticorrosion Protective SystemsCommended
HBG Civiel Leidingen (NL005)Commended
Per Aarsleff Polska Sp. z.o.o. (P12)Winner
2001 ISTT No-Dig Winners
LMR Drilling (IT171)Commended
Rib Loc Group Ltd (A003)Winner
WOMBAT s.r.o. (CZ28Commended
2000 ISTT No-Dig Winners
City of Pretoria Water Dept@Republic of South AfricaCommended
East Bay Municipal Utility District (U500)Commended
Prof. Dr-Ing Stein & Partners GmbH (D639)Winner
1999 ISTT No-Dig Winners
City of NanaimoWinner
NTT Corp.Commended
The Water Corp of Western AustraliaCommended
1998 ISTT No-Dig Winners
Dr Ing Stein & PartnersCommended
Insituform EastWinner
T-S Liao & D-B TsaiCommended
1997 ISTT No-Dig Winners
Rib Loc Group Ltd (A003)Winner
1996 ISTT No-Dig Winners
Automatic SurveyWinner
1995 ISTT No-Dig Winners
Tokyo Gas; Iseki Poly Tech; Kawasaki & NKKWinner
1994 ISTT No-Dig Winners
Iseki Poly-tec Inc.Commended
Kidoh Construction Co. LtdWinner
1993 ISTT No-Dig Winners
KCMM AssociationWinner
1992 ISTT No-Dig Winners
British Gas (South Eastern)Commended
Insituform Technologies Inc.Winner
Tokyo Metropolitan Sewerage Board & Iseki Poly-tec Inc.Commended
1991 ISTT No-Dig Winners
Consolidated Eddison Co of New YorkWinner
Markham & CoCommended
1990 ISTT No-Dig Winners
Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp.Winner
1989 ISTT No-Dig Winners
Decon Engineering Ltd & Bridgwater CollegeWinner
1988 ISTT No-Dig Winners
Gas Research Institute; Maurer Engineering & Allied Steel & Tractor ProductsWinner
Nippon Telegraph & Telephone CorpCommended
1987 ISTT No-Dig Winners
Gas Research Institute; Maurer Engineering & Allied Steel Tractor ProdsCommended
Sanwa Kizai Co LtdWinner
1986 ISTT No-Dig Winners
D J Ryan & Sons LtdCommended
FlowMole CorporationWinner
Iseki Poly-tec Inc.Commended