General Announcement

The new version ISTT Technical Guideline is available now

The new version of ISTT Technical Guideline, i.e., the beta version, has been uploaded and available at

Technical Guideline

In this new version, we not only included more recent trenchless technologies but also restructured it for mobile-friendliness. We hope that this version can provide updated and useful information to the members of ISTT and the general public. Should you have any comments or suggestions on this new version, please kindly use the feedback link and complete the form; we will consider it in our next revision. Please have comments returned by 28 February 2022.


It should be mentioned that this new version was made possible by the technical input of the ISTT Technology and Education Committee members, the tremendous efforts of Prof. Ray Sterling and Ms. Tiia Lampola, and the support of Ms. Kyoko Kondo.


Best Regards,


Keh-Jian (Albert) Shou

Leader of ISTT Technology and Education Committee

Vice-Chair, ISTT