General Announcement

Support Application program launch

Part of the mission of the International Society for Trenchless Technology is to support and assist members and regions in developing awareness and understanding of trenchless technology through the Affiliated Societies.

Over the last few months the Regional Action Committee – created as part of the restructure initiative proposed in 2017 – has reviewed current practices and looked at ways to create a clear and simple process to request support from the ISTT as a benefit of membership.

How to apply

The creation of a Support Application form on the ISTT website has been part of the result of this and we are delighted to announce this is now available to all societies through their login portal at (go to "Request Support" after the login).

This enables Societies to provide basic or detailed information on an event or project for which they would like additional support. This may be guidance in developing an event, publicizing a call for papers or speakers, a request for official endorsement, grant or other ways in which the ISTT can assist a society or region in promoting our industry.

Upon submission, the application will be received, confirmed and reviewed by the ESC and the Regional Action Committee meeting. The policy of the committee is to support applications where possible, but more specific information may be required before a decision can be made. Once a decision is made the applicant society will be informed of the decision, together with any recommendations or requests from ISTT and an action plan agreed.

Committee Chair Matthew Izzard stated, “By providing a platform for affiliated societies to request support, we are making it easier to communicate and engage with all our members, as the ISTT continues to be more active in developing the global knowledge of trenchless technology.”