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Call for Applications: ISTT Fellows Program

Call for Applications: ISTT Fellows Program


As a recognition for long-term involvement in the ISTT and technical or professional contributions to the ISTT, the ISTT Board has created the membership grade of ISTT Fellow. For an ISTT member to apply (or to be considered) to become an ISTT Fellow, the member must meet the following criteria:

  • Been an ISTT member (or worked for a company holding an ISTT Corporate Membership) for a cumulative total of at least 15 years (gaps in membership are permitted and membership can either have been through an ISTT Affiliated Society or as an international member in the case that there was/is no ISTT society).
  • Registered for and attended at least 12 International No Dig Conferences (exhibit-only or 1-day registrations are not counted as full attendance).
  • Had a minimum of 5 technical papers included in ISTT conference proceedings.

An ISTT member wishing to be considered to be named an ISTT Fellow should submit an application via the below link by 30 July 2024 (17:00 US EDT) providing:

  • Name, work affiliation (if any), address, email address, phone number, and a headshot photo.
  • One-page biographical sketch.
  • A list of the years of ISTT membership with Affiliated Society name, category of membership (i.e., as an individual or under a corporate membership), and corporate membership name, if pertinent.
  • A list of the ISTT International No-Dig Conferences attended as a full registered participant.
  • Citation information for the papers published in ISTT conference proceedings.
  • A list of the years of services and position with Affiliated Society.
  • Explanation of reasons why the criteria above cannot be achieved, if applicable.

How to submit: Submit your entry using the online form below.


Once the ISTT has reviewed the data submitted, the candidate's name will be considered by the Technical and Education Committee (TEC) of ISTT. Applications that are sent forward by the committee will then be endorsed by the ISTT Board of Directors as the final decision. The granting of Fellow status is based on significant accomplishments in the field of trenchless technology as demonstrated, for example, by work experience, by publications, by inventions, by technology advancements, or by mentoring of individuals.

The TEC is also empowered to make its own nominations for ISTT Fellow in special cases where an individual has made notable technical and/or professional contributions to the ISTT over a long period of time but does not meet specific aspects of the standard eligibility criteria.

When approved, the individual will be entitled to refer to themselves as "ISTT Fellow" or "Fellow of the International Society for Trenchless Technology" and will receive a certificate confirming their status as ISTT Fellow. The ISTT Fellow designation is a continuing recognition but, to retain the ISTT Fellow designation, the person in question must remain an ISTT member in good standing, either as an individual member or under a corporate membership. Once an ISTT Fellow status has lapsed, the individual will still be able to list the former status as ISTT Fellow with the years that the status was held. To apply to be reinstated as an ISTT Fellow, a letter requesting a reevaluation should be submitted to the ISTT Executive Director.

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